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The items listed below are available for sale. Please contact us to place an order. member@tunksaustralia1788.com.au 

Tunks Souvenirs

Order caps, clothing and other merchandise printed with the Tunks Association Logo.

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Authenticity Certificate

For family members
$3.00 inc. p&h

"Memorial To A Marine"
written by Joyce C. Cowell

A 64 page booklet (155x230mm) including 33 illustrations, photos, maps etc. telling the story of William Tunks, Sarah Lyons, their children and their grandchildren. Includes new 3 generation Chart.
One free copy to each new member.  Extra copies $8.00 + p&h $2.00  Please contact us  to place an order member@tunksaustralia1788.com.au 

Tunks Family Tree Abbreviated

Tunks Family Tree Book Summary plus your individual branch of the tree. (A4 spiral bound book).  Send your family details to the member@tunksaustralia1788.com.au so that he has your latest family information to add.
$14 incl postage.  Please contact us to place an order member@tunksaustralia1788.com.au 

Norfolk House Prints

By W. Wrightson
$2.50 + p&h $2.00

Postage Prices for Tunks Family Tree Book in AUSTRALIA: *Parcel Post (p&h)

Sydney & environs $7.75 South Aust. Country $10.75
NSW Country $8.25 Perth & Environs $11.75
Melbourne & Vic. Country $8.00 W/A Country $12.25
Brisbane & Environs $10.00 Tasmania $11.25
Queensland Country $10.50 Northern Territory $12.25
Adelaide & Environs $10.75 Overseas Airmail: Check with Membership Secretary